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    For those of you that use the metro program for public transportation in just about any city...this can be very convenient.

    MétrUp (the name stands for "Metro Updater") is a tool that connects to our free update service and downloads the latest versions of your Métro program & city files. You select which cities you want to update (select only one if your connection to the internet is slow) and the programs check if a new version is available. When it finds one, it downloads the file to your device and automatically update the city. If you already have the latest release, no transfer occurs.

    Note: the program is updated only if it is in main memory, the city files are updated in main memory or on an external card.
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    Been using Metro and MetrUp for a while now. Metro is great for cities where you are not familiar with the various transit options and using MetrUp is an easy way to get the most recent info when traveling.
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    Somehow I never knew about MetrUp tho I have been using Metro since I got my Treo. I always found upgrading Metro a PITA since I had to remeber what cities I wa skeeping and selecting each one to upgrade....this looks like it will make things easier.

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