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    All the cradles I see, even the Palm cradle, are for both the 650 and the 700p (and I suppose the 700w). There must be a difference in shape because the 700p does not sit flush in the cradle. It just seems chintzy to have an expensive device that does not have its own cradle. I have the Palm cradle and the Smartphone Experts cradle and they both have the same problem. The Treo does not fit snuggly in the cradle like my 600 did. Am I just being too picky? Has anyone else noticed this?
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    seidio cradle is perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    seidio cradle is perfect.
    Can you post a link?
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    no...on my treo. did you search for the seidio cradle.

    I think their site is
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    The INNO.dock on seidio's site is a sexy cradle. I just ordered 2 of the Palm cradles from Amazon so I'm a bit disappointed to hear that the 700P just doesn't fit quite right. We'll see how they work out and if the fit is horrible I'll pay the extra $15 per cradle for the Inno.dock.

    At $25/each with no tax or shipping, the Palm cradles were too good to pass up.
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    I just got my 700p tonight. I stuck it in the cradle and while there is a slight difference in fit only because the bottom corners of the 700p are more curved / less square than the 650. This does not make the 700p unstable in the cradle, but it does look like it might be loose. It connected up perfectly and sits there just fine.

    Here are two pictures with each phone in the cradle:
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    I received my Palm cradles and used one at home and one at the office. A couple of notes:

    1) The fit is not perfect as you can see from the photos above. If you do not compare the fit side by side with a 650 then you probably would not notice the difference.
    2) Sync seems slower with the cradle than when I use the cable alone.
    3) At home, the sync initialization using the cradle's button was a bit spotty initially but I checked the cables and the Treo synched flawlessly.
    4) I really hate the multiconnector. I'm coming from a 600 to the 700P and frankly I do not feel confident using any of the connectors. They just feel as if they were not meant to survive heavy use. Plugging the 700P into the cradle requires a bit of effort but it does give you the feeling that your device is "docked".

    Overall, the cradle is fine for now. I loved the cradle on my 600 but this one just doesn't feel quite right. With that said, I'll probably get used to it over time. I will keep my eye on the sync process because it seems slower.

    Update: I ran a HotSync with and without the cable and both processes seemed to require the same amount of time.
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    Seidio innodock cradle for 700P is available now !

    David Chang

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