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    I called and got the phone at $399 out of contract. I retained my $39.99 plan (500 anytime minutes) because I average out 400 minutes a month and it would cost me more to purchase at 50 minute upgrades were I to go to the $39.99 400 minute plan w/ 7pm night and weekends (but then again with the nigts and weekends being earlier, it might balance out). In either even, I also got grandfathered Vision to EVDO for $10 and $5 unlimited texts. With insurance, I come out to $55 a month after 10% employee discount. Could I have done better? With the options above, would SERO come out better? Any suggestions on what to ask for when I call to set up the phone? Thank you in advance.

    P.S. Does my grandfathered Vision means that I do not get any Power Vision Pack? Or does that means I get the minimum one, the Access Pack?
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    If you're a long time sprint customer, try to get this plan that I got:

    1000 min
    unlim n/w
    power vision + unlim sms
    all for $40
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    I've been w/ Sprint for 3 years...also, do you n/w start at 7?
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    Well, it all depended on who you got on the other line. I got a really nice guy, and since I'd been with Sprint since 1997 (which is when they first started PCS service--I joined up the 2nd day they were in business in Nashville), I got a pretty amazing deal:

    I was upgraded from 1000 to 1500 minutes, with free 7PM nights & weekends, 500 text messages (which I rarely use), $10 PowerVision, phone insurance, all for $50/month.
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    Hmmmm I have the 30.00.....300 minutes.....unlimited n&w 8pm......100 text 10.00 w/ plus 5% off total bill .......been with Sprint several years with the monthly auto payment.

    I have had the 650 since the day it came out which was in November so I only qualify for the 75.00 off for the 700p. No Verizon in my area so can't call retentions and tell them that I could get that phone for 399.00.

    Any suggestions on how to get the 700p cheaper than 75.00 off.
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    also out of contract.

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