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    What happened to the volume on my speakerphone?? I have had both the 600 and 650 and the 700p is almost useless! I have Volumecare installed and turned all the way up and it's barely audible. The handset is louder at max volume. This is a software issue. I bet they attenuated the speaker for some reason. Ringtones are loud enough, why not the speakerphone???
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    I'm having the same problem and I have volume care, I thought it was just me. Wonder if I have a bad Treo!
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    Maybe try removing volumecare and see what happens. I've been using the speakerphone on my 700p (I don't have volumecare installed) and don't have any issues at all with the speakerphone volume.
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    Do a search. There's another thread in which the developer says that this is a problem with the 700p, and even VolumeCare can't make it loud enough.
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    The volume on my speakerphone is fine, but I don't use VolumeCare.
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