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    Hello all. I did do a search and found some info but would like to know if anyone has had the opportunity to try several different providers and how they feel about them. I know it will differ from location to location, but what are your thoughts?

    Thanks. B
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    This is my ranking based solely on my experience with COVERAGE ONLY (I've used them all). If you take cost into account, these rankings could change.

    1. Cingular
    2. Verizon
    3. Sprint
    4. T-Mobile
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    The best provider is the one that has the best coverage in your area.

    If all is equal, than move to price/features.

    I know, sounds simplistic, but that's what it boils down to. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    What Insertion said..... I just decided to give Sprint a try after years with Verizon, to take advantage of better data pricing. Bought the 700P yesterday. At a local supermarket where verizon got very poor coverage, Sprint did great. Unfortunately, at home, Sprint was terrible (poor signal with breakups).

    Ended up returning it, and getting a verizon 700P. Coverage is always the number 1 issue, and it is VERY individual and specific...
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    I've been with Sprint for more than six years. They ripped me off BAD once. Other than that, I love them dearly.

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    ok ..... is there a difference between Sprint coverage and Nextel coverage? Do they use the same towers, etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gijohn
    ok ..... is there a difference between Sprint coverage and Nextel coverage? Do they use the same towers, etc?
    Sprint uses CDMA, Nextel is iDen. In my experience, there is a huge difference in coverage. The services are completly different technoligies and indepented of each other. FWIW, i have had almost no issues with sprint and when i had nextel i had tons of receiption issues.
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    I had Nextel a few years ago (way before the merger). Anyway, I had minor coverage problems then. Now that I've been with Sprint for over a year, the people I do know that have Nextel have many coverage/reception problems. I've had three friends all switch to different providers because they had too many problems with Nextel. From a large city such as Philadelphia to a suburban city, their reception problems were the same.

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