Awsome news,
I no longer rember who the awsome guy is I bought two of these hand made rosewood cradles from. (Another treocentral member) But they are both still working perfectly and looking great, neither of which my 650 can claim. And he only ever made the one small batch, so I'm sure glad the 700p drops right in so I don't have to give up my nice, unique, classy, cradles.

Awful news,
I hacked up a Seidio car cradle so it mounts the treo right against my dash and removed the audio 2.5mm pin and used the oudio out-only stereo pins in the data connector to make myself a tight little car charger / book player. The 700p fits in it, and charges in it, but does not put audio out the data pins !!! gahhh!!
I listen to audiobooks in the car almost exclusively for years now (since before the 600 came out let alone 650) and I'm very spoiled on it by now.

I tested with the above desktop cradle too so it's not a matter of the 700p not fitting in the cradle all the way. I couldn't find any preferences to twiddle either.