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    this is a HIDDEN option for a reason. There are many hidden ways you can screw up your treo
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    ho do we check if evdo is checked on Verizon treo? I cant get the code to work. thanks
    Cingular 680
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    When EVDO-A or EVDV becomes available, will our current EVDO models be able to take advantage or will we need to buy new units? If the latter, that's totally lame.
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    I have used the Force 1xRTT option when in areas where EVDO was unstable and for whatever reason it wasn't switching over to 1xRTT (it would just drop offline) and I needed the data connection to be stable. I can't really think of another reason to force one way or the other.
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    This topic has been covered!!! Search before you start a new thread!!
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