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    Is there any way to clear the System Error Log that you get when you dial ##377. I see that when you do a Hard Reset the last known crash is still in the log. This is also true if you do a Zero Out Reset (which I did on my old Treo 650). I prefer to keep all logs as clean as possible. After I see what caused the reset, I would like to then clear the log. Thanks.
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    On the Treo 650, this reset information is kept in the RAM-based HSTraceDatabase file; if that file exists in RAM on the 700p, deleting it should take care of your problem. But, if it is true that the crash log doesn't change even after hard/zero out resets, deleting a RAM-based file won't change things.
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    It is also there on the 700p. But when you do a hard reset it is no long in the HSTraceDatabase file. It is clean. It must put it in another location as well.
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    I guess nobody knows.

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