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    My wife took about 8 to 10 pictures with her 700p and I am now hotsyncing to get them on her computer, it has been like 45 minutes, how long should this take? We are first time Treo users, Thanks

    Also the icons are moving on the pc but not on her phone, is it locked up?
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    Sounds like her phone has locked up. I've had this happen a few times. You might want to try the following steps:

    1. Pull the phone out of the cradle, or pull the plug from the bottom of the phone.
    2. Do a soft reset on the phone.
    3. Make sure the Hotsync icon is showing in the lower right of your PC monitor. If not, click Start, All Programs, Palm, Hotsync Manager.
    3. Reconnect your phone. When you do, you should hear an audible notification on both your phone and your computer that they are "talking" to each other.
    4. Press the Hotsync button.

    Let me know if these steps work for you.

    By the way, welcome to having a Treo. You'll never go back!
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    By the way, normal sync time depends on how many apps you have on your phone. But normally, it shouldn't take more than 60 seconds.
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    Palmy, Thanks a million you were right on, had back on track in 5 minutes.
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    my sync time is about a minute for me, unless i do a hard reset and restore everything on the phone
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    However, if you're syncing Media, and you have a full-length movie(s) or a ton of photos on the card, the first time will take much longer.

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