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    Hello, all -

    I am the IT manager at my company and I have been testing a Treo 650 with my Exchange 2003 setup. I just got it working today with VersaMail (had connection problems until I setup a firewall rule to forward IMAP traffic), but I have one wierd issue:

    I can sync just great. I can send just great. Everything works, except that every message I recieve to the Treo 650 has no message body. I get "To", "From" "Subject" and "Time", but the messages themselves contain no data, and the size is listed as 0 bytes. Any reason why that might occur? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I think there's a setting for "Headers Only" vs other options in the account setup in VersaMail. I'd look into that.

    If you're interested in a push email solution for Exchange, you might check out ChatterEmail; it runs entirely in the background (no waiting, progress bars, etc.) and has a great many features that VM does not.


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