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    Why has support for the Palm OS shortcut utility been yanked out of the Treo? My 600 had it, and from postings here, the 650 seemed to have it until a F/W update yanked it out. What's got me scratching my head is that it appears only the control panel for shortcuts has been yanked... the shortcut code appears to still be in the OS, and if you copy the control panel apps from an older Treo, everything seems to work fine (it seems to be working on my 700p now that I copied the control panel files). I know there are some free/shareware apps that provide more powerful functionality than the native OS shortcuts, but the consensus appears to be there's a noticeable performance hit running these 3rd party apps.
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    Screw the Treo native shortcut utility. It's slow, limited and a total pain to access. Actually, in contradiction to your belief, the 3rd party apps are far faster and superior to the treo's utility. Do a search for Shortcut5. I have it working flawlessly on my 700p. Install it and access it in the Prefs app of your treo.
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    Or try the new RNS:: TreoShortCuts - similar to ShortCut5, yet with more options.
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