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    XPMCE Rocks!!!!

    Its XP PRO plus tivo!

    I only use XPMCE. You would be crazy to spend the extra money for Pro, when MCE does it all plus TIVO!!!!

    It has an absolutely beautiful interface as well (for watching TV/Movies/recorded tv)

    The only thing you lose compared to pro is being able to join a domain after the initial install (you can do it during the install) and that is generally only for corporations/businesses.

    I have no problems whatsoever syncing to outlook 2003 on my XPMCE system with my Treo 650
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    Thanks amtatar, I had this problem on XP Pro, My 650 showed up as MTP Device. Updated drivers in Device manage and all is well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by amtatar
    I had a similar issue that I resolved. For some reason XPMCE recognized the phone as an "MTP Device", and dosen't install the palm driver. Try going to your device manager, find the "MTP Device", right click on it and hit update driver, then do the "Automatically find divers" type option.
    With the suggestion above, I was able to force my 700p to sync by updating the driver manually and picking the palm USB driver palmUSBD.inf located in the program files/palm/usb_driver folder. It has synced without further intervention several times.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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