I am a palm user before Treo's were out (used a Samsung i330 palm phone for the last 3 or so years - decided to try new 700p and am very disappointed in a few issues - can anyone help resolve any of these or is Treo not capable of these simple uses?
1. Speed dialing - previously, I was able to assign a dial pad # and was able to press and hold the # on the dial pad (like w/#1 for voice mail) - it seems that this cannot be done (except with #1) for any of the other numbers - I know it can be done on the keyboard but this seems so simple (and what I am used to). Any suggestions?
2. Voice dialing - previously, I would hit the side button and would hear "who would you like to call" - I would then say one of the 30 names I had programmed and the call would go thru - it seems this Treo 700p does not have voice dial - I know there are programs to purchase....which I did, but very disappointing - it would be ok if you could just press the phone or side button to activate voice dialing but you have to go to apps, voice dialing, before you can say a name - you can just go to contacts and get to the name you want - am I missing something? Even the favorite buttons list takes a numerous presses to get to - seems to be a very frustrating phone after the dream i330 - why am I switching - wanted camera (not as important as these other issues though) - wanted easier email access and really the main reasons is the car kit I use is on the blink and the batteries I have all need replacement so thought this new and improved Treo would be a good phone
3. Grafitti - used graffiti on my i330 and loved it - testing out some and they do not work as well - any suggestions
Any input/help would be appreciated to this new Treo user - Thx