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    No -it pauses the data connection when a call comes in.
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    I need some explaination here.

    Is EVDO allowed you to be on the call, and able to browse the web at the same time?

    (I did not find any thread discuss this. If it already talked about, pls post the link. tks.)
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    Ummm - why is my response showing BEFORE H Trans' question? Wierd...
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    maybe he deleted his original post after you replied
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    You cannot have voice and data at the same time. However, when data is active, and a voice comes, the data connection is suspended. You will be prompted to answer the phone call. If you ignore the phone call, the data resumes.

    Hope it helps.
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    ksmith, I don't know why either. somehow, you are able to answer my questions before I post. )

    after some fiddling with it, Voice call will pause the IP connection.

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