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    So after extensive experimentation I have figured out the fastest way to browse. Use blazer with Its better than skweezer or mobileleap. This combination not only downloads total pages faster but it also puts the text up way faster.

    This is faster than webpro, xiino, opera [with umdh and 32mb mem and 32 kb cache, btw the low-fi version is actually faster than the hi-fi]. I haven't tried netfront or webviewer as I didn't buy them when they were out and I have tried picsel because its not legal.

    I have my 700p overclocked to 507 with pxa clocker and set the memory for storing pages in blazer to "0".
    Try it out, tell me if I'm wrong but its way fast
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    I just tried pxaclocker lite after doing any clocking, if I tried to go do any application, it goes into white screen of death so i must then soft reset. Hmm.
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    awesome! thanks!
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    sarantis, about the overclocking. When I first tried it out my phone would lock up but I keep trying. I use these settings,
    SYS 169
    SYS X3.0
    which I found here,
    but after a reset I have to activate it again. If your phone resets just keep trying with the same settings, if you go without a reset for a min or two its usually pretty stable from then on.
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    Is there a noticable speed increase in the overall performance of the Treo? Things like switching from one app to another, opening up programs, etc?

    Thanks for the tips

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