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    I thought it would be great to list all of the minor OS enhancement tweaks that Palm has introduced on the new 700p. I just noticed a new one today:

    When I go to my contact listings, if I hold down the up or down cursor button, it will scroll up or down one full page. I don't remember that happening on the 650 as it would only go from one contact to the next.

    I like discovering this stuff but would love to hear about other enhancements.
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    If your contact was bigger than the screen, it would do this on the 650 also (sorry). But a new thing is being able to set a ringtone directly in the contact rather than setting it only for those in favorites (you can't set a ringtone in favorites anymore).
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    Actually, I was talking about the screen where it has all your contacts listed alphabetically, not on one particular contact. I'm pretty sure you couldn't do this on the 650 but I could be wrong.

    I like the one you decribed. Very handy indeed.
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    Anyone? There's gotta be more.
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    if u get a new number call u u have the option to add it to a prexhisting contact

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