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    Anybody know if there would be a problem hotsyncing the Blazer Bookmark database file (from my 650's Palm backup file) to the 700? It's not that I'm too lazy to enter them all again. Rather, my 650 is in a non-functioning state, and I didn't write them down anywhere. All I have is the database from my last hotsync with the 650. Thanks.
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    I did the same when I had my 700p. Had no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgordonn
    I did the same when I had my 700p. Had no problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by krock
    That's what I was hoping to hear. Thank you both for your responses.
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    Any reason to think porting the bookmarks.pdb file from a Treo 600 wouldn't work just as easily as the 650? I'm planning on switching over from my 600 to the 700p later today. Also does phonefavoritesdb.pdb contain the one-touch speeddials I set up, and anyone know if these will transfer over from 600 to 700p?

    Thanks a ton.

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