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    I bought this case for my 700p and I really like.

    The only complaint I have is when I'm wearing it on my belt clip, the case squeaks when I walk.. almost like a chirping bird.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Is the squeaking coming from the beltclip? If so, try wrapping some teflon around the nub on the back of the case.
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    does your "nub" go into the belt clip correctly? it seems like on mine it hangs very loosely on the clip like the metal numb is way longer than it needs to be so its not holding together firmly, its drooping
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    I concur. I've got the chirping and the drooping.

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    Try putting a little grease on the nub. I did this and it worked fine until I broke my clip getting out of the car.
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    yeh the case is great but the clip and nub are crap ive dropped my new treo twice now when the clip didnt latch tightly, dissapointed with it now and onto the shield 2 holster for now
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    Does this case have a protective cover over the screen? Can you flip it up?

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