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    I serached the thread and didn't read anyhing said, but has anyone been able to send video mail to anyone else? I have a friend with Cingular, and my girlfriend is on T-Mobile. I was able to get a video from cingular, but not from T-Mobile. And, when I send a message to them they get "cannot read file". My Girlfriend has a RAZR, and the other guy has a SLVR. The videos show up on my picturemail site on sprint, but things just get a little sketchy.

    I called Tech Support, and he put a ticket on it after he asked me to send him a video and he didn't receive it, but saw it on my picture mail site (with my permission).

    I'm wondering if maybe it's a new video format they don't support, but has anyone tried sending to a RAZR's or SLVR's?
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