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    I have sprint service. I was able to send and recieve sms this morning. This afternoon I tried to reply to a chat that I was using all morning and recieved the following error message:

    An error occurred (0002)
    when sending this message.
    Please check the phone
    number or email address and
    try again.

    this happens to any number or email I attempt to send a message to. I have checked the numbers and emails and they are correct. It worked fine earlier today. I have not added any new software today. I recieve sms prefectly.

    any ideas?

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    I receiving OK but can't send. I have a Treo 600. I'm sure it's Sprint. You're 700p is safe.
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    been having the same issue, can't send right now, and last night was getting long delays in delivery....

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    It is a problem with Sprint. I called tech support and the guy said its a nationwide problem that Sprint is aware of and it should be fixed by the end of the day.
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    hahhaahhaah I just started getting this error.. I was about to "lose it" but I thought I should check the forums before blaming the 700p. Phew!.. I feel better.
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    yeah same here tried to upload ring tone last night via sms. nothing came through so I did like 20 texts, all flood thru this morning when I start dialing *2 to see what happen. lol I think all is fine now in SF area I can send and receive text normally now
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    This started for me yesterday, I spoke to Tier Two Sprint Support and it is a network wide problem. Hopefully to be fixed soon
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    Had the same problem today, seems to be working fine now.
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    lol i almost flipped out this morning too, thinking it was the 700p. things are working better now though, im in the Long Island area.
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    I'm having the same problem, but it seems it only does it when your on EVDO. For instance, on the 650 when I streamed music on P-Tunes, I could send and receive txt messages with no problem. On the 700, while streaming music and attempting to send a txt message I get an error. I can receive a txt, but can't send one unless I pause the music, send it and then go back to listening. I've been able to recreate that error several times just to make sure I wasn't crazy. That's the only time I get the error, other then that, no problems.

    Hope that helps.
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    Sprint user here. I'm having the same problem with my 700p. Call tech support and they put a ticket in. I haven't been able to send txt for a week, but what's weird it's only my friends with sprint that can't reply back. Tmail, and verzion phones I get text from???
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    I was getting this error the other night as well. I fixed it by doing a backup with backupman. Then deleted messages.prc on my phone and re-restored it from backupman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spridell View Post
    It is a problem with Sprint. I called tech support and the guy said its a nationwide problem that Sprint is aware of and it should be fixed by the end of the day.
    It's so sad how this post was from June and still no fix from Sprint. I get that same error from time to time and also lately when I've been receiving duplicate texts! Luckily I have an unlimited text plan or I would be calling Sprint for credits.

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