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    Looking for a Bluetooth Headset that will work with both / either of my two phones: a Treo 650, and a Motorola E815. My current Jabra BT350 will only pair with one at a time.

    I've seen adds recently for the Netcom GN 6210, which is supposed to work with "your office desk phone and your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone", but I'm looking to confirm existence of a headset that will work with two MOBILE phones and maintain pairing with both at all times.

    Any help out there?
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    As far as I know Plantronics is the only BT sets that can connect to 2 phones at once. I've used it on my Treo 650, now 700p and a Blackberry 7100T. It's sort of hit and miss. Does not always connect on the one that I want it to. Thi is using the Plantronics 640.
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    If anybody knows any other BT headsets please post it here..

    I may get a blackberry for work so am looking for a BT headset that can connect to my 650 and a BB
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    I get catalog that arrives here about evry 3 months (iGo ?) which advertises several headsets that can be used switching between:

    -office desktop phone
    -PC for voice navigation / dictation
    -mobile phone

    will look 4 it later

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