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    anyone know (if there is even) a difference between the bundled and basic PTunes version??

    I have a basic license key, but was wondering if it is even worth inputting, replacing the current bundled key.
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    DOH---you asked about bundled and basic....this is basic and deluxe. NM.

    The big difference for me, is the ability to stream shoutcast in background mode. There is also WMA and Ogg licenses in the deluxe version.

    Heres the rest of the upgrade features from their website:

    Online Music Store - Support Access millions of tracks from compatible online music stores*
    Internet Radio - Listen to internet radio stations on your PalmŪ Treo 700p
    WMA File Support - Fit more music on your PalmŪ Treo 700p with smaller WMA files
    Bookmarks - Never lose your place again in your audio books or music
    Auto-Bookmarks - Automatically create bookmarks
    Crossfade - Smoothly fade from one song to the next
    Gapless Playback - No skipping between songs recorded from live albums or DJ mix CDs
    Play Ogg Vorbis and WAV Files - Play Ogg Vorbis and uncompressed WAV files
    Hi-Fi Graphic Equalizer - Optimize your listening experience
    Bass Boost - Crank up the bass to enjoy your tunes
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    between the bundled and basic i'm not sure of much difference other than skins.

    the deluxe upgrade was my choice for the ability to use WMA files

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