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    I'm using Xiino and love it but now that I'm on the 700p/EVDO... a problem that I've always had with it has become more noticeable.

    Using Xiino with the memory card in the phone causes delays. Sometimes long delays. When I open/close Xiino, when I access the "Open" screen for selecting a Bookmark/URL and also after I've selected a Bookmark/URL.

    If I take out the card, those delays disappear. Then I have the speed of EVDO + the speed of Xiino's rendering engine.

    I've tried to find a manual/search discussion/mess with the settings, but no luck so far.

    Is anybody else experiencing this? Anybody know how to fix it?

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    Hmmm.... I figured it out. It was because of the webpages I'd saved to my SD Card. The more you've saved, the longer the delay that I spoke of before.

    Xiino saves your pages on the SD Card in /Palm/Programs/Xiino3. I figured out that you can move them to a different directory so Xiino doesn't see them, and them move them back when you want to view them. Great tradeoff, since I'll only want to view the saved pages on rare occasions.

    It would be nice if Xiino only examined those saved pages when I actually try to access them, but it appears that it isn't designed that way.

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