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    A friend of mine wants to puchase my phone so we put their Cingular Sim in. We got service BUT when trying to actually use the phone all we could hear was loud static and their voice sounded like a robot or something.

    Is there some firmware or update I need to add to the phone in order for it function correctly on Cingulars network? It works perfectly fine on T-Mobile and I recently installed a brand new battery. I also did a hard reset before inserting the Sim. Software version is Treo600-1.12.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You're lucky. I just unlocked my wife's T-Mo 600 and popped my Cingular SIM in and it would simply shut the radio down when trying to link up w/ Cingular's network.
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    I unlocked my T-mo Treo 600 using hacked firmware posted a while back.

    My phone has no problem connecting to Cingular network when I popped in my friend's sim card.

    In fact my phone worked on all GSM networks in US and eastern and western Europe where I cared to try.
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    T-Mobile actually gives you the unlock code after 3 months (at least they used to) - and I transitioned my unlocked GSM Treo 600 to Cingular. I do find fairly regular static on the phone using Cingular.

    FYI, the Cingular reps tried to tell me I had to buy one of their GSM handsets - and I explained how I'd already used an Australian SIM card to swap carriers - so she finally relented and sent me the SIM.

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