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    iambicŪ Agendus Extras conduit [build #1413] started
    SynchronizeContactRelationships() Error - File not found...
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    So this is the error I get every time I hotsync. The iambic site has not produced an answer yet. Has anyone else seen this and have they fixed it. I am running a 700p and the newest version of Agendus. Any ideas out there.

    ps searching yielded no answers to this issue.
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    Has anyone else seen this Yes
    and have they fixed it. No

    I'm running 700p with Latest Agendus also, but syncing with Palm Desktop, not outlook -- I get the same error.
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    I'm getting the same one too using Outlook.
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    Try changing a relationship on the 700P in Agendus, then sync and see if the error goes away.
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