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    Thanks to mzill748's advice on getting a new treo 650 deal (see post) as an existing customer, I'm finally upgrading my 600 to bluetooth capable 650. I've been waiting for this since I had a new Acura TL with bluetooth capability for a while, but not able to use it. At the sametime, I was thinking about getting an MP3 player, and may be an FM transmiter so I could play in my car, etc.

    Anyways, it would be AWESOME if I could get my new TREO 650 to play MP3 music to my ACURA TL via BLUETOOTH. It would mean, I wouldn't have to buy an FM transmitter or MP3 player, etc. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Does your TL support AD2P Stereo Headset profile in it's sound system? If so, you can use Softick 'AudioGateway' with it to stream music.

    I would be surprised if it does though. If it only supports hands free profile, then I don't think there is a way and even if there was, the soound quality through hands free profile is not good enough for music.
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    I don't think the TL supports bluetooth besides the handsfree talk. So I'm assuming it won't work. I guess in order for it to work, the stereo system has to be bluetooth, which it isn't, as far as I know. It was a nice thought while it lasted.
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    It was a nice thought while it lasted.
    Don't give up hope. There may be some new alternatives coming down the pike.

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