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    well I have a 650 with Tmobile and no contract. So the question is to switch to a new company and upgrade to the 700p?

    So, I would love to hear some comments from thoughs who went from the 650 to 700. Was it worth it and why? a better jump than the 600 to 700?
    do o you still need Volume care? can you view PDF's? or do we have the same issue?
    I think the most usefull upgrade in the 650 over the 600 was bluetooth. Does the 1.2 bluetooth make a difference? Can you play music over a bluetooth headset? or do you still need third party software(audigate)?

    thanks for any thoughts I am a gadget freek at heart and will probably upgrade just for fun
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    Personally, I don't think the jump from the 650 to the 700 was as big as the 600 to 650 but I'm extremely happy I did. The biggest thing for me with the 600 to 650 was the screen res and bluetooth. I'm loving the 700 the more I use it especially with EV-DO. You will still however have to use an app. to use headphones and they are working on that currently. If you are in an EV-DO area that alone was good enough for me. Camera is a lot better in the comparison shots I've taken. Overall very happy I upgrade.
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    Threads like these are popping up more and more. Q: Is the upgrade to xxx worth $$$ or is the upgrade from aaa to bbb better than bbb to ccc or aaa to ccc? The answer is: if YOU think so, then it is!!!

    BTW, I'm VERY happy with my 600 to 700P upgrade.
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