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    Same problem here... Soft reset, and then BAM! 5 text messages all at once. Is this still a network thing? I don't have chattermail, no butler either. Any new information out there???

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    Same problem here with Verizon. SMS stops working until I reset the phone. Is there a known fix for this?
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    I have noticed this too. I dont use chatter. I think its unfair to blame it on chatter when enough people are saying that its more wide spread. The good thing about the treo is that when you do get the messages finally you can see the time that they were sent. When I think that I am having the incomming sms problem I just take my battery out and put it back in. Then all the messages come through.

    The weird part is that it isnt something that happens at any particular time. I have noticed that it happens mostly on the weekends.
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