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    I think there is a major problem with the automatic dialing feature in the Treo 650. This issue has been addressed before, but I don't believe anyone has ever come up with an effective solution.

    In order to automatically forward my home phone to my Treo, I have to call a special BellSouth number, enter my home phone number, followed by my PIN, followed by the code to forward calls, followed by the my Treo phone number. I have this all set up in my Treo to dial automatically. The problem is that more than half the time, it doesn't work. It's not a question of not having enough commas (pauses) between digits, or dialing short tones (Treo is set for long tones), or having the speaker phone and/or muting turned on or off. None of those factors makes any difference. As I said, more than half the time, BellSouth either doesn't "hear" the numbers, or, incredibly, gets the numbers wrong! I have to listen very carefully to be sure that my calls will be forwarded to the right number!

    All this is made worse by the fact that I can't hang up when the Treo is in the auto-dial mode. No matter what I do--click on "Hang Up All," press the red button, press the Home button, etc.--there is no way to disconnect the call until the Treo is "ready" to let me do that.

    This problem is really maddening. Often I have to call the BellSouth number over and over again before I can get it to correctly accept the tones generated by the Treo. I never had this problem with my previous phone, a Samsung I300, so I know it's not a BellSouth problem.

    Can anyone help?
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    Sounds like it's a lengthy process and you don't have a good cell signal. If the signal is weak and broken up, it can easily interfere with what you are describing. I would suggest dialing the auto-forward sequence from a land line. This is an issue with most all cell phones (at least all the ones I've used), not just the Treo.
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    I don't think a weak signal could cause this problem, because I've used exactly the same procedure with my previous phone (I300) and carrier (Sprint), from the same location, and never, ever had a problem. In any case, I don't think a weak signal could cause two or more digits to be transposed, as frequently happens. I think the phone system is designed to never make that kind of error, regardless of signal strength. It might "lose" digits, but never misinterpret them.

    If anyone has had consistent success with call forwarding on BellSouth (or any other phone company), I'd like to hear from them.

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