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    I have a GSM unlocked 650 and wanted Contacts sync and use an Exchange Server but not a Blackberry Server.

    I downloaded the Blackberry Connect installer referenced in the thread with the title including the words "Blackberry Connect .prc" (include period) and installed the files on my 650.

    I then deleted new Versamail 3.5 from the Treo, now called Email using Uninstall Manager.

    On my PC in Program Files/Palm/Add-on (thanks Chris T for pointing me here) there is a new PIM folder AND a new Mail folder.

    Using the Custom ROM tool I replaced the old PIM files one by one (with .bprc extension) with new .prc's and the old Versamail files (again .bprc files and again one by one) with new mail .prc's and uploaded the ROM.

    Initially I had trouble getting Contacts to sync so again using Uninstall Manager I deleted ONLY Preferences from the Email selection and reentered my Exchange Activesync Profile.

    The addition of Contacts sync is great; I'm sure I'll redo my ROM later when Marc releases his PIM plug-ins but in the meantime this is just fine.

    I hope this helps someone.
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