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    ANyone know if we can use the Palm Deskstop we were syncing our 650's to or do I have to use the Palm Desktop that came with the 700P.

    I dont want to lose all my conducts such as Pocket QUicken and Pocket Tv for example. Just curious.
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    i dont think you do, i used to he same one from my 650
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    Thank you for the quick reply. Much Appreciated.
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    You should use the one that came with the 700 because it is updated. It will not remove or change your 3rd party conduits. As an example, PocketMirror conduit was used to sync Outlook with the 600 (don't know about the 650). With the 700 Palm Desktop, it goes away. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised that it was more user friendly - didn't have to play with pocketmirror sync settings anymore. YMMV.
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    Ok I will do it. Thanks to you also chem Engr.

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