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    I installed LudusP and Agendus, both of which alter key mappings, but have since uninstalled both in order to try geting my phone button back. The blue phone button will only open the Palm calendar. And of course in the phone Prefs "Buttons" area, you can't even remap the phone button. Any idea what is going on?
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    ^ ??
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    Agendus alters the keymapping to the calender. Once you've installed it and let it reassign buttons, the only way to get the phone button back is to do a hard reset and reinstall everything. Just be sure to NOT let Agendus remap the buttons for you on its initial install.
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    DAMN THAT'S ANNOYING! Uninstalling Agendus didn't fix it, so yes, I wound up doing a hard reset, removing my backup folder, and reinstalling everything over again. The first time I did the hard reset, after I had uninstalled Agendus, I sync'd to my previous setup (that now DID NOT include Agendus!), and it still left the phone button remapped! UGGH! Agendus must be leaving a preference somewhere that maps the button. what a freakin waste of 2 hours.
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    same thing happened to me. it was VERY annoying!
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    Actually you can go delete the agendus btn1 and btn2 files and it will return to normal.
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    I just mapped agendus to the phone button and the phone to the calendar button until iambic gets it fixed
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    I think there is an app that will restore the phone key....try searching on
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