I just upgraded from a 650 to 700P and these are my observations. I am within my 14 day window but other than EVDO I am debating whether to return. The other factor was using my Sony Headset which sometimes works but is mentioned as unsupported on Palm support. I wish we knew what updates were coming. Tough choice.

1) Screen tint isn't as blue as before but brighter - Plus
2) All my purchased software does not work or requires $$$ upgrade
Butler, Voicedial, Uninstall Mgr. - Negative
3) Battery goes quicker - Negative
4) Bluetooth pairs with Sony HBB-608 but eventually loses pairing and I need to soft reset to get to work - note: Palm has on their website that the 608 is not supported yet everyone sells it on their website and puts 700p support (Treocentral) - Negative
5) $200 out of pocket after rebates/selling 650 (luckily I have not sold it yet)- Positive
6) EVDO works great - Positive
7) TV sucks - a lot of pixelation I can convert from my video card and create mpeg files much better - Negative