I am having a heck of a time synching my calendar with Palm Desktop. for 6 months it worked just fine but this monring it decided to give me trouble.

I'm really desperate to get this fixed and would appreciate any assistance from the community.

Treo 650 (Verizon, Windows XP)

Here's what I've done so far:

- Confirmed Wireless Sync settings, and "Enable other sync apps" IS checked

- Followed Bill Gamble's instructions:
1. Install dbScan 1.9c (attached)
2. Launch it and choose "Neither"
3. From the menu, choose Options/"Remove All Deleted Records"
4. Do this for both the PalmSource and PalmOne databases
5. Try Hotsync again.

BUT getting odd error: "error deleting old database, code: 517" when deleting Palm One database, followed by "Create Database failed error code =537"

- Also did soft and hard resets, reloaded all data back onto the device. When reloading from hard reset, initial calendar data is loaded but subsequent calendar hot syncs throw the same error.

- Deleted Versamail

All else is working great.