What would it take to get you to make a custom splash screen for the radio on/off for the new 700P? I have a couple requests for enhancements too.

1. Bring back the call duration log
2. Bring back the green Ev-DO icon to the left of the bullseye (location icon) on the main dialer/phone screen
3. Or better yet...Since by defualt the green box says "EV" for power vision and "1X" for 1xRRT, can we change those to somehting like Blue box with "PV" for power Vision/Ev-DO and a green box with "V" for Vision/1xRRT? (to keep with the data transmition color scheme)

I have a pay pal account and can donate $ as well as help with R&D. This should hopefuly be as easy as the 600 and 650 versions were?

I tried to post at your website, but messed up my login, I sent you an email about that too.

Thanks, Matt Burkhard

you can use this post for a reference of the said icons..
Look at post #15 down.

As I am sure your aware of, the 650 version ports over with less ill effect then the 600 verison did on the 650, but it does cause a reset if you use the phone perf's in the menu of the main dialer/phone screen.