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    I just noticed that my SD card sticks out alot more on my 700P than it did on my 650. Anyone else notice this? Does anyone of a shorter card that won't stick out?
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    same here
    my card sticks out about 2mm in the back and 1mm in the front
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    It's about the same on my 700 as it was on my 650. In fact I'm looking at them both right now and they are identical.
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    SD cards have been sticking out on all my treos 600,650 & 700.
    I just file dont the top of the card with my dremel and color it black with a Sharpe.
    I have done this without any problems on several cards.
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    I normally cut the card in half with scissors. Sure, you lose some of the flash memory that way but having a good looking treo counts for alot too! j/k
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    I think all Treos suffer from this dilema! i just shaved down my car, but i shaved too far and it split but it doesnt stick out .
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    Only when a pretty Nokia walks by.

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