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    My Treo 650 cuts out during a call and beeps continuously until I press the 'end' button. It happens probably at least once a day, and often a lot more. It sounds like I'm holding a button down, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Any ideas??
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    are you calling a toll free number?
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    It's possible that one of your keys on the right side of the keyboard is stuck ever so slightly. At the end of my usable 650 days my 'P' key and backspace key had just about seen it's last days...hardly had to push it all for them to work. Now with the 700 I had to retrain my thumb for the oh so nice crisp keys. Anyways...if you've got the warranty or insurance than just use it. Don't be a hero.
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    Did you ever figure out what the solution was to your problem? I have a similar problem of my treo650 dropping calls for no reason. I'm wondering if I accidently touch it with my face cheeks.
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    Did you install a new screen protector, there have been issues in the past where if you install it under the frame it pushed on the touch pad.

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