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    I keep having an issue with multiple (either duplicate or anywhere from 100+ to 900+) emails on my chattermail. It doesn't sync these messages back to my IMAP account, and only one exists in online and computer accounts.

    I keep having the do sync past 0 days, then go back and put it back to however many days the account is set at to get rid of these extra messages.

    Any ideas??
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    900 duplicates? What does that mean? And what do mean about syncing messages back to your IMAP account? I guess I just don't understand what's happening. Can you try explaining it again?

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    duplicates as in multiple copies of the same message, it only happened with my gmail account, and I believe it was fixed by unclicking "keep old messages on treo" while having "sync messages" checked, but no day limit (syncing all messages). It must have been keeping hte old message on my treo while syncing that message onto it multiple times...

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