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    Has anyone else tried AeroPlayer with the 700p?

    I don't want to blame anyone; this may not be their problem; but after I installed AeroPlayer, I listened to some music with the wired headset that comes with the 700p. Now the handset doesn't work for phone calls. No ring, no audio from the speaker or the earpiece, no audio heard on the other end of the call.

    I removed AeroPlayer, did a soft reset, a system reset, and a hard reset. I still can't use the phone as a phone, unless I plug in the headset.

    I think Sprint is going to supply a replacement, but I'm not installing AeroPlayer again.
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    just do a hardreset everything goes back to factory
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    As I said in my initial post, I did a hard reset. It still doesn't work. Maybe the headset damaged the headset jack.
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    The 650 had a hardware problem with its phonejack sticking in headphone mode. When you answer or make a call, does it show that a headphone is plugged in?
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    When I installed AeroPlayer over the weekend, it locked up my 700p, and I couldn't use the phone until I did a hard reset.

    Based on my experience, I'd stay away from AeroPlayer, at least until the developer releases a update for the 700p.
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    I had a similar problem with my Treo 600. Turned out that there was just a little dirt or other in the contacts for the wired headphone. Exercise the plug in/out a half dozen times quickly and it may start working again as my Treo did.

    This is also another problem with having the jack on the bottom of the phone. If you carry your Treo in a shirt-pocket like I do, it can get laundry fuzz or anything else that may have dropped into the pocket in the jack...

    Hope this helps!

    Regards - Randy
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    It turns out the headphone jack is a very tempermental thing. I took it to the Sprint store, and they said they fixed it. They said the jack was very delicate on the 600, had been fixed on the 650, but is now having problems again.

    I took it outside, and it was broken again.

    I got a new 700p.

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