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    The reviews of the H3 make it look pretty bad:
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    Any other opinions on this headset? I kind of drove over my Jabra JX10 with the car (don't to say I was ticked off for the rest of the day) so I'm in the market for a new headset. And I sure wouldn't mind paying half the price of the Jabra if it's a decent headset.

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    Yep, let me tell you as an owner and former user. It connects fast. It stays connected. The quality of the signal is great. The volume in your ear is the pits. I was initially pleased with it, but in an environment with others talking, you might as well throw it away. I gave it to my wife and took my old H500 back.

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    The H300 is a little different looking than the H3 and takes a AAA battery, but it will run a week easily on a single AAA. I leave mine on 24/7 and make about 3-6 hours of calls per week.

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