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    I would hope they might be giving away a Treo 700p away as a prize. I have no info, just hope.

    It's free to attend, as far as I know.
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    The NY show is today...I'll be there...anyone else? Hopefully not too many...then i'll have a better chance of winning that 700p. j/k...the show seems quite long compared to the others...
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    I was thinking about going. I rsvp'ed, but I get out of work at 5. Can you show up to these things a little late?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    I was thinking about going. I rsvp'ed, but I get out of work at 5. Can you show up to these things a little late?
    I was thinking the same thing. Should be allowed, I guess, since the event's like 4 hours long. I plan on being fashionably late to this party
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    I'm thinking of going to the San Francisco show today. But 4 hours long seems...well, looong!
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    can someone ask them where the **** is the gsm version is coming out.

    yeah they wont answer, but thell them Felipe is waiting. ;-)
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    Update: Doors opened at 5. No boring presentations bar, hor d'oeuvres. Had a bunch of Xbox's (not 360's) set up with plasmas and 2 wheel controllers for people to play...i guess they're trying to promote nascar or something...they had some trivia game where you play for these orange get 1 chip for playing, 5 if you get white chips for playing the vid game. You also get 1 orange chip for each Palm station, where they had 700p's on get 1 grey chip for talking with the enter the raffle for the first place prize (Sprint 700p, NASCAR school, etc), you need 5 orange, 5 grey chips, and 1 white chip. If you turn in 2 orange 2 grey or 2 white chips, you can pick up one of those anti-slip pads, flashlight/pen/tire pressure kit, model nascar car, and some other little toys. Oh, and you get a baseball cap for coming as well. It's open for 4 hrs, but you can come and leave whenever you don't have to be there to win the drawing. Def nothing like the previous roadshows. If anything, go for the open bar! Got some pics...might post later. Oh, and check out the Good booth..they're giving away small egrips..
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    I went to the SF Summer Launch last night. Free drinks and food were the main attraction , not many exhibitors but a great opportunity to speak to Sprint and Palm people as well as to other Treo users. Thanks for posting the link rhong, I enjoyed myself.
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    Thanks for the update on the roadshow info. I want to go, not absolutely sure I can make it. Probably will be late. Any other TC members going to the Dallas show?

    Glad people are enjoying themselves at these shows.
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