I've been with Sprint for a few years now, so I went through retention to purchase my phone since my contract had expired. Got the phone for 400. I asked about a 650 trade in option but they person I spoke with hadn't heard about anything related. Phone was ordered on 6/2 and I recieved it yesterday. Powered up the phone and called CS to activate. Asked them for my MSL and went to activating. Plugged in my Phone # and MSID, good to go. I upgraded to the 25 dollar Power Vision from the 10 dollar plan since it was free for a month, provisioned my data service and off I went. Everything works great. I've had 1 reset while watching Sprint TV but thats it. The device is indeed a bit slower then the 650. However, only when switching from one app to another. Blazer was blazing and I got data speeds from broadbandreports.com/mspeed of 416kbit/sec. Not too shabby. I'm in Richmond, VA just in case anyone near by wants to give up their figures. Overall I would have to say it was a smooth switch. I exported all my contacts/memos/calendar/pictures etc from Palm Desktop and reimported after installing the new version. Everything synced up good. I havn't tried Lighwav yet but supposedly the new version 1.6 supports the 700p. I also need to test out verichat. More to come later.