I just got a 700P and am thinking of making a go of ditching my iPod, but first I need to get stuff on my 4GB SD card. Most of what I listen to on a daily basis is podcasts - I use Doppler 3 beta 2 for this.

Anyway, I seem to be having problems synching with WMP 10. One thing it seems to want to do is convert my MP3's to WMA files. I've been trying to find away to stop this but can't see one.

Once it converts and transfers, it seems that some of these files don't get transferred. Ptunes sees an entry for them, but when I try to play, it says it can't find them on my SD card. When I look at the SD card, it seems like folders are being created for a particular track, but the actual audio file isn't there. I've gotten some stuff to transfer properly but it seems pretty hit and miss.

I should mention that I'm taking the MP3 files and speeding them up with a separate program before I transfer them. Not sure if this has anything to do with these problems, but who knows.

Any help would be appreciated!