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    I received the newest beta from ZZtechs today... It resolves the home key issue... Not sure if ok to post... Not officially on their web site yet... Until posted I would just request it... 5.42b2
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    cool! and why would I buy the LudasP program?
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    wow I take that back, i didn't see that the Ludas program has been very greatly enhanced!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkAv8r
    Bought it - never received a serial number... causes a database not found error the only way I've found to resolve is to remove it from backup directory then perform hotsync... As far as I can tell Ludus's Web Site does not have a tech support option...
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    You guys should understand that LudusP is basically one guy, in highschool no less, who developed the entire program without actually having a 700P in his hands. He has been in the middle of exams and still takes the time to come on here and take recommnedations and requests for the program. Tyler is a great kid, and should certainly be supported by this forum.

    LudusP also gives you the opportunity to remap all your other hard buttons, so your 700 can operate just like your 650 did. Or even more customized for that matter.
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    so this Zlauncher beta is different then the 5.42B beta linked on the web page under beta?
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    Yes, there's a 5.42B2 that seems to only have been emailed to a few people, and no one has posted a link to it yet....
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    So what's the version number listed when you go to the about for your version? I thought that's what I downloaded last night.. didn't fix the issue.

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