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    I can't do a zero reset on my T650. Instead "Bootload v1.8" appears. Can somebody help me out?
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    The Bootloader appears when you hold only the HotSync button while restting. for Zero out you must hold the Power, AND Up, AND HotSync Buttons at the same time.
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    Keep trying as it can be pretty tricky. I put the stylus facing up on my leg with the treo resting on top of it lightly. I then press and hold all the buttons while lighlty pushing down on the treo causing the stylus to push the reset button.

    I had to do this about 5 times before I got it just right on my last 650.
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    The trick is to hold the stylus in your mouth and have the POWER, UP button, and HOTSYNC button pressed while you poke the stylus in the reset hole. Make sure that the up button is kept pressing up and not somewhat up.

    I also got the Bootloader screen the first few times I tried. I simply did a soft reset to get it out.
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