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    Pretty awesome, I found this through Digg. Too bad they dont make one of these babys as 700p's!
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    what the hell??? why didn't they give us that case & cool color WITH silicone coating??
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    It looks ok. I would like a deep red color one.
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    Not bad, to bad we can't get 'em here.
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    Wow, this sounds cool. Anyone try using their Palm Developer account to buy a rubberized black chassis and just bolt the guts of their old Treo into it?

    Also, of all the ROM images, which one is the most stable? I have the 1.20ENA with FW1.71. I get a lot of resets switching between Blazer and Versamail, and I've even cleaned up the ROM (It's only a little more than 6mb)
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    They should make designed skins for the Treo's, similar to what you can get for an iPod or XBox 360 for example.

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