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    Anyone else use the side button for ZLauncher's QL or Hi-Launcher?
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    This release still works on the Treo 650. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by brickjr
    Am I missing something? I downloaded and installed the update, I noticed that my blinking green LED is not longer blinking...
    Yep, anyone know how to fix this?
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    I do not understand why folks want that blinking green light.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wareynolds
    I do not understand why folks want that blinking green light.
    All part of the "Treo bipolar Syndrome". In the manic stage you want the blinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wareynolds
    I do not understand why folks want that blinking green light.
    The blinking light lets me know that all is well with my little Treo and that I didn't forget to turn the phone back on after that last reset.
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    I just ran a speed test in Palm Internals to see if my unit was running smoothly, and was surprised to get a 5300 tics, 53 seconds result. When I looked into the possible sources of that delay, I noticed a new entry under hede—Zlauncher (V5.4.2B2) is showing up there all of the sudden. So, I disabled the default launcher option and ran it again. Got a ten-fold speed increase—back down to 5.3 seconds. I tested it a couple of times, re-enabling that option, soft resetting, then disabling—result is always the same. I have not tested 5.4.3 yet. I am going to go back and use Ludus to re-map the home button for awhile.

    Also—warning to Ludus users—be really careful when assigning the home button. I accidentally picked ZLManager, and I could not get to Zlauncher or the normal launcher! Luckily, I had a shortcut left over in speed dial that I was able to navigate to using Takephone—very roundabout, and took me awhile to figure out a way to get back into Ludus to fix it!
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    Two points of commentary:

    1) The way ZL does this is VERY slow compared to how ludusp does it. LudusP ties directly into the system and overrides Palm's own key handler with pure ARM code (native to the processor). ZL sits in a notification queue and handles every event with a check in 68k emulated code. As edelweiss says above you can see that it adds 53 seconds to PalmInternals test. LudusP (the last time i checked) adds less than a twentieth of a second...

    2) if you get stuck in the jam that edelweiss mentions, you can just softreset and you'll be taken to the Phone app and then set one of the favorites to LudusP, hit it, and change your LudusP options.

    cheers, tyler
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    So what do we do if we have the latest version of ZLauncher (v5.42b3) that "makes" the home button act properly and make it go to ZLauncher when it is pressed, what do we do if we want LudusP to take over that button? Won't LudusP and ZLauncher conflict since these new versions of ZLauncher automatically assign themselves to the home button?
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    They're both working for me.
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