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    I'm a new T-Mobile subscriber with an unlocked Treo 650. I learned of the T-Zones MobileWeb workaround to get web browsing and pretty much anything else you can do with the aid of a proxy for only 5.99

    What I'd REALLY like is to be able to use GoodLink to get my work email. This is something that has eluded me so far, as I cannot even get past the GoodLink OTA phone setup, which does not give you an option to add a proxy before connecting. Thus, it times out as it searches infinitly for an IP its not going to reach.

    Is it possible to use GoodLink with only MobileWeb and not the real unlimited internet plan? Has anyone done so to date? Perhaps there is a third-party app that re-directs all traffic across a proxy that I do not know about?

    Please help.

    For the record, although I am cheap, I would have paid the 19.99 (or even 29.99!) for real unlimited web, except T-Mobile will not offer it to me because I am a new customer. I have to have been with them for over 1 year for the privilige of receiving that price, which I think is a crock of BS. I've made several phone calls, and every time they say if I want unlimited internet, I must sign up for a $49.99 (!!!) data-only plan, that includes no minutes (but does have a lame 300 txt msgs) and this must be added to my existing 39.99 phone plan. Why the hell would I pay them more for internet than I do for phone service?
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    Please, any response? GoodGuy?

    Or if there is any program that acts as a proxy for every data request?
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    I wasn't able to get GoodLink to work with T-MobileWeb. I had to get the unlimited internet with all ports open; thankfully, I got it while it was still 19.99.

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