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    Does anybody know if there is any type of attorney timekeeping/billing application for palm o.s.?
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    Responsive Time Logger. Kind of pricey, but it works very well. I use the desktop side to bill while I am in front of my computer, and the palm side while I am away from my desk. The conduit then puts my palm time together with my desktop time.

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    Hmm - where could I find an application that warps time? How can I turn a 10 minute phone conversation into 2 hours of billable time.

    (Tongue in cheek)

    Check on tucows for some of the generic billing packages for people who do freelance work. It should be close to what you need for multiple clients, etc. I've seen quite of few of them on the PalmOS part of Tucows.


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    Try Iambic's Alltime (

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    This may help... it's from an article by Sandra Rozenzweig
    in the magazine California Lawyer...

    Data.txt Corporation provides a Palm Connected Organizer link for its Time Matters case management program, so that your Palm will show the schedules of multiple staff as well as tie case or matter or project references for your calendar, contacts, and to-do lists.

    Handheld devices are also useful for logging time and expenses in a form that's transferable to the time-and-billing software on your mother computer. TimeReporter 2000, made by iambic, uses its own time-and-billing program, both on the desktop computer and on the handheld, and records time for each client or case, in addition to your expenses and automobile mileage. Files may be exported to Microsoft Excel, Intuit's Quicken, and Intuit's Quickbooks Pro, among others. Versions of TimeReporter link to Sage's Carpe Diem Electronic Time Sheet or to Sage's Timeslips system.

    She also suggests checking out PalmLaw at for a good resource for software useful to lawyers.
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    Hello. I am a 2nd year associate and I have found Timesheet v.1.5.3 to be a remarkable program. It is free so it does not do a lot of "extra" things like export data or provide other "expenses". However, for my needs (I don't actually produce final bills for clients) it works great. You can save tasks and Case Names/numbers in pull-down lists that makes input a snap. In addition, it has a timer that you can set when you begin a long task (such as attending a depo or MSC). I use the built-in expense app for mileage and parking receipts since that's all I can bill for at them moment anyway.

    ALSO, the STOW-A-WAY is absolutely essential for any attorney that can type at a decent speed. I use it to work on docs when I have down time away from the office, at a coffee shop, etc. I also take depo notes with it (I use diddlebug to take notes at court appearances). It is well work the $100 bucks. Basically, it turns your VISOR into a virtual laptop.

    The bottom line is to check out the various programs and get whatever suits your needs. I have to input my time into a firm-wide database, so the simple Timesheet works for me. If you need more sophisticated features, you should probably go with one of the commercial products.
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    Originally posted by mensachicken
    Try Iambic's Alltime (

    i second that!

    while not a lawyer, i do a ton of freelancing, and this app really keeps it together.
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