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    I purchased my 700p from the Palm store and may want to return it. Not because I don't want it...I actually love my 700p...but because my work my get me one.

    I assume returning, if necessary, is pretty straightforward...yes?

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    They have a 30 day return policy. They pay for shipping back to them, but I think that's only if you're doing a cross-ship where they charge you for another one and send it out to you before you send out the old one.
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    Wouldn't it be easier just to have your company reimburse you?

    none of my business really, but seems easier. I believe, as long as it wasn't a new line or account, you have 30 days.

    If it was a new line, sprint only gives you 14 days to cancel the account. But palm will take it back up to thirty days.
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    Sprint's cancellation period is 30 days if you're in California.

    BTW, it doesn't hurt to search on Palm's website, Tony.

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